I have a problem. I don’t like to be wrong. It scares me. When I have to admit that something I thought or believed may not be fully true, it terrifies me. It sort of knocks my feet out from under me, and I feel like I’ve lost the object of my faith. And that’s my real problem.
My beliefs can sometimes be what I put my faith in. When I trust MY thoughts, MY take on a situation, MY assumptions of how things should be, I struggle with fear when those things turn out to be different than I expected. By being so set in my beliefs, I realize that I have a whole lot of faith in myself! I’m not leaving room for the Holy Spirit to open my mind to new ways of thinking from God’s Word. I’m not leaving room for others to have wisdom; I’m not allowing them to contribute to my sanctification. So if my faith shouldn’t be in my beliefs, where should it be?
I’m working hard to see God Himself as the source of my faith. He never changes, yet He has promised to change me! It is a daily surrender to transfer my trust from the way I’ve got life figured out, to trust that He will reveal His ways to me as I humbly seek Him.