D-Groups (discipleship groups) are different from Community Groups in that they’re same gender, maximum of 6 people and members of the group profess to be believers in Jesus.

D-Groups focus on Bible study, prayer and building relationships with one another.

Family Groups

Entire families are encouraged to love, serve and grow together.

Thursdays in New Richmond @6:30p (bi-weekly)

Sundays in Eastgate @5:30p (weekly)

Sundays on Zoom @9a (weekly)


Kids Group

Children meet online through Zoom to build relationships, hear a story, talk about application, etc…

Sunday Zoom group @6:30p (weekly)


Women’s Groups

Women of all ages meet to love, serve and grow together.

Tuesdays @6:30p (bi-weekly)

Wednesdays @11a (weekly)

Wednesdays @6:30p (weekly)