In our current economy there are many hurting families and individuals. As a church, our goal is to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with our community. We want to be sure our congregation is making a difference in our community and would be missed if we were not here.

Our pastors share a common vision to be relevant to our culture, to build long-term, community relationships and to give real help and hope to people in need. Our goal is not only to meet the short-term needs of those in our community but to provide the opportunity for them to take advantage of long-term help.

Listed below are some of the resources we currently offer:

“Wrapping Clermont Together” Christmas Food/Gift Drive

For over twenty years, we’ve coordinated efforts annually with many local organizations to reach the poor and hurting in Clermont County at Christmas time not only with physical help but also financial and spiritual help as well.  We work with local agencies to help ensure people have a genuine need and do not take advantage of the system.

In the Short-Term, we offer food to help them with their food needs as well as 3-5 nice Christmas gifts per child.

In the Long-Term, we offer assistance such as free counseling and free financial education from a licensed professional to help them rebuild their lives while providing them with the resources to do so.  We also offer assistance in finding fulfilling employment through our partnership with Ohio Means Jobs and/or help filling out county forms for temporary government assistance (Ohio Benefit Bank).

“Like” us on facebook…http://www.facebook.com/#!/WrappingClermont or visit www.wrappingclermont.com.

Soul-care/Life Coaching

We offer FREE Bible-centered help with areas such as marriage, parenting, addictions, relationships, anxiety, depression, etc.  For more information, contact: answers@lbcohio.com

Facility Rental

Our facilities are available year round for all kinds of community sports, weddings, etc…

Contact: property@lbcohio.com


Our Community Partners Include:

Clermont County Safety Net Alliance


Doing Together What We Cannot Do Separately

A collaboration of government agencies, food pantries, churches and other organizations working together to reach a common goal…meeting the needs of under-served families in Clermont County.

The Christian Help Center


To meet the immediate needs of people for the purpose of leading them to abundant life in Jesus Christ.

Batavia Rotary


Professional men and women who want to make a difference in our community.